To learn about CanCare Cancer Support Ministry Click here and visit their web site

Our CancerCare contact is:  Helen Judd at 770-641-7538

American Cancer Society contact is:  Barbara L. Jostworth ( at 770-896-4162 (cell) or 404-327-6477

Catholics & Health Care They Go Together

ALZHEIMER’S HELPLINE events/prog edumth.htmlCatholic-adapted GA Advanced Directives – Advanced directive form for health care.  Modified to be in conformity with Catholic teaching.

Illuminations by Borrellis (Hair loss specialist)
131 S. Main Street, Suite C
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Kelli Christie
Hair Loss Specialist
Business: 770-827-2100
Cell: 770-316-2274

Turning Point Women’s Healthcare (Breast Cancer Rehabilitation)
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Education for Women

Physical Therapy
Exercise Consultation
Massage Therapy
Nutrition Services
Community Education
Dragon Boat Paddling Team
….From Surviving to Thriving